Do One Thing​
We had the privilege of attending a talk by extreme adventurer and conservationist, Braam Malherbe. Braam was giving a talk about his recent unassisted tandem crossing of the Southern Atlantic from Cape Town to Rio to raise awareness for his Do 1 Thing Foundation. A leg of the foundation, the Do 1 Thing Challenge, caught our attention and left us reviewing the purpose of our cycle tour.

The DOT challenge encourages individuals to make planet-saving changes (known as DOTs), which can be implemented immediately. The campaign is based on the premise that, over time, little things can make a big difference in helping to protect and preserve the environment which we live. The DOT campaign encompasses four main categories, namely water, waste, conservation and energy. A classic example of a DOT would be to close the tap whilst brushing your teeth every day. If you closed the tap and encouraged friends and families to do the same, collectively thousands of liters of water can be saved.

The pure simplicity of the DOT challenges attracted us to the campaign and we reached out to Braam and his team to ask if we could take the campaign with us on our bicycles to South America. After receiving their blessing, we have become DOT campaign ambassadors and are taking the DOT challenge along with us on our bicycles.

To support this global initiative and contribute to the wellbeing of the planet please visit the

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